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Concrete Trailer Purchasing Tips:

Make Money with Capacity… Your mixing trailer capacity is based upon the difference between the weight of the empty trailer and weight of the wet concrete in the drum. Law enforcement agencies will fine you for overweight loads. If your empty trailer is heavy, you lose carrying capacity and therefore lose payload capacity. Heavy frames or extra tanks for water all diminish capacity. It is simple math, but some trailer manufactures don’t care if you make money with capacity..

Save Money on Repairs… All equipment will need some maintenance and repair, but you want a trailer that will eliminate most of the expensive hassles of long term operation. The most expensive moving part on your trailer is the gearbox. This box receives the most stress when the drum is asked to change directions. Trailers that use drum rotation controls that reduce this stress will save you very costly repairs.

Save Time from Hassles… A quick tour of most trailer-based concrete operations will quickly illustrate a nagging problem; Bent fenders.  Steel fenders bend into the tire and rub. This requires pounding the steel back into something close to the original shape. Who needs the hassle and the waste of time and money?

Demand Parts Support… Just because someone can build a trailer doesn’t mean that you will have the parts support that you require. Demand that your supplier stock parts on the shelf for maintaining and supporting your equipment.

Seek Experts… Equipment sales people and metal fabricators are not experts in making money using concrete trailers.  Choose your experts based upon a proven history of success making money with the equipment in the real world.Check Our Used Equipment
Deposits… It is common to pay a deposit when ordering construction equipment. You should find a solid supplier who will ask for reasonable deposits. Anything near 50% is a sign that you might be helping to fund something other than your equipment.
Two styles of concrete trailers:

The old style concrete tub trailer was first built in the 60’s starting with U-Cart in Vancouver, Washington. The idea was to mix concrete and pour it into a ‘bath-tub’ on wheels so that the material could be towed to a jobsite. The problems with these trailers are many. The material settles in transit. That means that what was concrete when poured into the trailer becomes a settled mess of sand and gravel on the bottom, water in middle and cement floating on top. If you plan on taking the concrete more than about 3 miles, you should plan on remixing the materials before pouring. The one advantage of the tub-type trailer is that it is cheap. In fact, good used trailers typically bring less than $1000 on the market today. We know of no manufacturer who still has a regular production of a tub trailer.

The new style, concrete mixing trailer, pioneered by Cart-Away™ in the late 80s has all but taken the market from the old style trailers. Since the rotating drum trailers replicate what happens at a typical ready mix operation (material is batched into a revolving drum transit mixer), they have all the advantages associated with ready mix. Chemicals and fiber can be added to the mix. Concrete can be delivered up to 60 miles from where it was batched. The concrete is completely mixed and requires no remixing at the jobsite. In short, with the new style revolving drum trailers, you get true ‘ready mix.’ In the past, using old style tub trailers, the quality of concrete was such that the market was limited mostly to do-it-yourselfers. Today’s new drum style trailers mean that most of the business is contractors and municipal users. The latest study of the concrete trailer industry indicates that over 60% of today’s concrete trailer users are contactors due to the mixing capabilities in a Cart-Away™ mixing trailer.
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